2,000 women in Israel joined together and gave a chilling performance

by Leah Rosenberg

Koolulam has done it yet again. They have created a masterpiece by bringing people of all walks of life together. In one room. To sing in unity.


Koolulam is an unbelievable organization. According to their Facebook page, “Koolulam is a social-musical initiative aimed at strengthening the fabric of society. The project centers around mass singing events in which large groups of non-professionals come together to form a collaborative musical creation. Koolulam brings together people from all walks of life to do one thing: stop everything for a few hours and just sing – together.”

They have done so many unbelievable projects and have brought people together on so many different occasions. Also, their performances are extremely entertaining and will make you smile.

In this video, they sang the popular song “Titanium” for International Women’s Day. What a sight it is to see when 2,000 women join and sing together!

Israel Brings People Together

Indeed, Israel is really a melting pot. People of all different backgrounds, faiths, and cultures can come together and be who they are. Despite the fact that the media makes it seem like Israel is a terrible country, Israel is truly a magnifcent place – a place of peace and hope.

The Koolulam videos are just an example of how Israel brings people together. Strangers who have never met, and sometimes strangers of different religions, are able to come together. Even more than that, they are able to work together to sing a song.

Maybe the next time the media has a headline about Israel, it should be about these projects of unity.

We can only hope.

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