Abbas has given 1 billion dollars to terrorists who murdered Israelis

by Leah Rosenberg

Mahmoud Abbas is an aging terrorist. He has alot of experience in this field, and understands well that a key element of a terror network is cash.  That is why he became a terrorist with a tie.  He understood that he needs to build up a facade of a respectable leader in order to respectfully collect major donations from all over the world.

Incentive to Kill

Until recently, Abbas was able to get away with murder – literally.  More than that, he was able to offer a huge incentive to murder Jewish people in Israel.

Terrorists are not always drunk with hatred.  They are people with strong racist views and the ability to pull the trigger to implement their beliefs.  But they have families, and they don’t want to destroy their family’s life.  That is why the destruction of a terrorist’s home is such an effective deterrent.  First off, the family may stop the terrorist or snitch on the terrorist.  But secondly, the terrorist will think twice after he sees his neighbor’s house destroyed.  The anguish of one’s own parents is something that most people do care about.  But, when a major cash incentive balances out the fear of one’s house being destroyed, the deal starts to sound more reasonable.

President Trump Gets It

We need to destroy the cash incentive for terrorists.  President Trump understands that Iran is much less dangerous when they have to struggle every day to keep their economic situations from imploding.  So too with Abbas.  If he doesn’t have the wherewithal to pay salaries to his henchmen, they will rebel.  If he can’t pay families of terrorists, they will stop their son’s in their tracks.

So, all of the moves that President Trump has made versus the Palestinian Authority are excellent.  He is truly hitting them in an effective way.  Let’s see how things play out now that Abbas is persona non-grata in Washington.

Col. Kemp

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