An Israeli correspondent goes behind the scenes with top Neo-Nazis

by Leah Rosenberg

Can the Holocaust happen again?  Well, these Neo-Nazis sure hope so.  Try to get them to talk about World War II, and you’ll get nowhere.  But they sure know about World War II and Nazi domination.  That is their goal – to bring back the world to the “glorious times” of Nazi domination.  This film exposes them.  It is important to do exactly that.

Black, White and Red

Selective memory.  This small fringe group in Germany believes firmly that the Jews control the world and that they are the scourge of the world.  They are not only in Germany.  There are fascists in Italy today also.  Of course, small remnant of neo-Nazis are in nearly every country.  But of course, it is logical that in Germany, there are still remnants of the Nazi party.  They live in the past – the same colors and logos. They can dream about the future and scream “Heil Hitler.”  But, today, we will always stand guard and make sure to quash the radical fringe when they are still small.  Yes, any political party that even has 1% support in any country needs to be outlawed and brought down.  If a country allows it to grow, then that country should be treated as an outlaw country.

State of Israel

Ultimately, the true answer to Nazi ideology is the State of Israel.  A strong State of Israel.  Only a country, a national home for the Jewish people, with a strong army can properly fight for the Jewish people.  And not only in the State of Israel.  Anywhere in the entire world where Jews need help, the Israeli Army is ready to deliver.

In Entebbe, Uganda in the 70’s, and Ethiopia in the 80’s and 90’s, Israel has sent it’s forces to save the lives of Jewish people in danger.  In secret operations around the world, Israel has also saved thousands of individual Jews in dangerous situations.  Most of these occurred before the Israeli Army was very strong – back in the late 40’s and 50’s.

The State of Israel is the answer to the Neo-Nazis who threaten the world.



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