Terrified children speak up as American antisemitism skyrockets

by Leah Rosenberg

Why should children and adults alike have to fear for their lives? American antisemitism has been skyrocketing. And the results are terrifying.

American Antisemitism

Looking at the antisemitism taking place in America would make you think you are living in a different decade. It is hard to believe what is taking place in 2018.

These are just a few of the many, many examples:

Jewish Children at schools are being targeted.

Jews walking through the streets are being harassed.

And Jewish community centers are being vandalized.

Is this what a democratic and free country like America should be like?

American Jews are facing extreme antisemitism.

World Antisemitism

It is not just American antisemitism that is on the rise. Indeed, the Jewish people are facing threats all across the world. It is hard to hear what is happening and hard to see the damage – to people and property.

Neo-Nazism is frightening. How can anyone support what the Nazis did?

Were the lessons of the Holocaust already forgotten?

It is time that antisemitism throughout the word goes down.

What Can YOU Do?

People sometimes feel helpless. But everyone can do something – even if it is only on a small scale.

Share the truth – the truth about Israel and the Jewish people. Some people do not have the proper education. It may not change everything, but it can change something. And that change can lead to something else.

You can even go out and erase hate in your own community. One man decided to do that, and he started a movement called “Erasing Hate.” He has removed much of the hate graffiti in his neighborhood. And people noticed a difference. He has accomplished so much because he decided he could not stand to see hate graffiti any longer.

You may not be able to change the entire world, but every action counts. And that is so important.

Dr. Risch

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