Paul Weston went off on pro-Muslim politicians and it was EPIC

by Phil Schneider

Pro-Muslim politicians are basically politically correct civil servants who are scared to deal with the reality around us. They are scared of the backlash of being branded. Well, they are right. In today’s political climate, anyone who takes a politically incorrect stand is instantly branded a racist, etc… Well, Paul Weston doesn’t seem to care at all about that. He doesn’t mince words. Get ready for a big smackdown on politically correct politicians.

Paul Weston, British politician, chairman of Liberty GB, parliamentary candidate, and a member of the Pegida UK leadership team, has a point to make about Islam being a religion of peace. That is what former PM of Britain, David Cameron had stated. This is a lucid explanation of why Islam is not, historically or religiously, a religion of peace.

Weston’s explanation, using detailed examples, is clear and alarming. As Muslims reach larger and larger numbers in Great Britain, it may be important for David Cameron, along with all the citizens of Great Britain, to hear what he has to say.

But this is not just an issue of Great Britain. It impacts on the entire European continent. Moreso, the entire Western world is now under threat. Marco Rubio labeled it a clash of civilizations. He is right. This is no less than that.

Dr. Risch

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