You Won’t Believe What this Israeli Pilot Did!

by Phil Schneider

This is an unbelievable story of the Israeli F15 fighter plane (aka the “Eagle”). There is much more to this story than just the actual event. It is a story of how the Jewish Nation survives.

The story of Ziv Nadivi – a pilot with nerves of steel – is not just a personal story. As he relates what happened to him in a truly matter-of-fact way, it is striking that he continued to function, stay calm, and carefully guide a very damaged plane to safety.

As often happens in Israel, God was there taking care of him and his crew without their even being aware of it. The ability to look back, see a plane without a wing, and recognize that the plane built with the strength to hold up under unthinkable conditions. But it was being held up by a strength far beyond the materials and engineering that had gone into building it. Just like the plane, Ziv Nadivi and his crew were also being held and given the strength to continue to function.

The Israeli Army and Air Force is infused with a special spirit that is perhaps it’s essential secret. But it also is battle-tested. Literally every day of the year, Israel must patrol it’s borders and occasionally take action. So, it is not just a theoretically well-trained Air Force . It is a young but experienced Air Force that is driven by a unique spirit.

And that’s how the Nation of Israel continues to survive. Being held up by the love and strength that comes from He who promised to bring the Nation of Israel home.

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