The Palestinian Arab voices that the media will NEVER show you

by Leah Rosenberg

Listen to the Palestinian Arab voices speaking up and risking their lives! You won’t hear it anywhere else. Because the media doesn’t care about the truth.

The Palestinian Arab Voices

It does happen sometimes – the brave Palestinian Arab who is willing to speak up for the truth. The ones who want the world to know that they are suffering because of their own leadership. But the problem is, who will tell you about them? Not the media. Not the news stations. And definitely not the newspapers. The story won’t go along with their agenda. Admitting that the Palestinian Arabs are suffering because of their leaders stealing money? Because of the fact that their leaders don’t care about the people? The media would never tell you these things!

Exposing the Corruption

Ashraf Jabari, Palestinian Arab politician and founder of Reform and Development Party, is one of the brave men speaking in this video. He wants to show the world the corruption that exists. The United Nations, the European Union, the world at large – they all use the “Palestinian” story to push their agendas. That is just wrong! Listen to the way the last man in this video says, “We hear about the aid we receive only through the media or the internet. But as for us ordinary people, we never see any of it.”

And that is the truth spoken by Palestinian Arabs themselves.

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