MUST SEE: Saudi Arabian Muslim Goes Public with an Unbelievable Message for Israel

by Avi Abelow

Today was Israel’s 71st birthday. Mohammed Saud is a Saudi Arabian who understands the blessing of Israel and the guts to go public with an amazing Happy Birthday message for the Jewish State of Israel.

Saud’s message is unbelievable. First of all, he starts with saying Happy Independence Day in Hebrew! He then continues to say how much he loves Israel and details all the different reasons why he loves Israel, and how it inspires the world.

What a world we live in today, where even Muslims go public expressing their love for Israel. Not all Arab Muslims know the truth. Many are fed lies about Israel and the Jewish people. That we are evil. That we are murderers. That we hate Muslims. That is, unfortunately, taught to many Muslims. Yet, sometimes, there are Muslims like Saud who learn the truth about Israel and the Jewish people. And who have the guts to go public with their true love and appreciation for Israel.

They understand that Israel is a country where Muslims live free and as equals. Israel gives freedom of religion to all religions, including Islam.

Suad, thank you! We are proud to have a Saudi Arabian friend like you! Israel is not such a blessing for Jews, but a blessing for the whole world, including Muslim countries interested in living in peace with us.

The Full Video

This happy birthday message from Mohammed Saud was part of a special video promoted with messages from people all over the world on Israel’s 71st birthday. It was produced by the team at Boomerang Israel.

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