Israel’s magical water machine has made it to America

by Leah Rosenberg

The world has benefited from Israeli inventions in ways they do not even realize sometimes. Some of these innovations will totally blow your mind!

Israeli Inventions

The list of Israeli inventions and breakthroughs is endless. From the simple daily pleasures to complete medical breakthroughs, Israel is improving the lives of people all over the world.

They have helped different countries, people of various backgrounds and nationalities, and they never discriminate just because someone is of a different religion or culture.

Israel has helped the world figure out how to use natural resources. That in turn has helped the environment as well.

The Jewish state has also made it possible for wheelchair bound people to go anywhere!

The list goes on. And one of the most fascinating Israeli inventions is Watergen.


Watergen is an Israeli invention that creates water out of thin air – literally. It takes the humidity from the air, purifies it, and wallah! Fresh water. Can you imagine? It is literally miraculous and magical!

For countries lacking clean water, this invention is a lifesaver. And even for countries WITH clean water, this innovation is so useful as it just uses AIR!

And now, Watergen has come to America, creating many jobs in the United States. It also adds to the already strong friendship between Israel and America.

So Why Are There Israel Boycotts?

It logically makes no sense. It has become popular across college campuses and across the world to boycott Israel. But why? Israel is a democratic country contributing so much good to the world.

Some people want to try to boycott Israel, but it is nearly impossible. Israel has made their mark in so many areas of life that these boycotters would have to give up things that have become necessities.

Instead of boycotting Israel, everyone should thank Israel for their wonderful contributions!

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