Antifa Masked Leftists Take Over Streets of Portland, Oregon

by Avi Abelow

Independent journalist Andy Ngo was on the streets of Portland, Oregon.  He documented the mob riots of the Antifa protestors. Antifa are not anti-fascists.  They are today’s fascists, on the left. (To better understand how today’s Antifa activists are fascists, click here.)

If Antifa is not stopped, Portland will continue to descend into chaos.  Other Western cities will then follow one by one.  However, thanks to Andy’s work, the world is able to see exactly what this mass Antifa movement is really about. Click here to support Andy.  Help him create the awareness so that this leftist fascism will not spread.

The Antifa Protest from Andy’s Camera, One Tweet at a Time

This Antifa protest was a counter-protest to a #HimToo protest. It is quite scary to see the crazy amount of hatred and violence these leftists exhibit for a #Himtoo protest. They are not the ones who protest hatred and violence.  They are the ones who spread hatred and violence. This is George Orwell’s 1984 book in real life. The mainstream media and social media companies prefer to support the values and soundbites of Antifa.  Instead, they should call them out for what they truly spread – hatred and violence. It makes no difference that hatred and violence also exists on the right. The right is not coddled and supported by mainstream politicians and media outlets.  The leftist Antifa is. That is an extremely dangerous red flag for everyone to be concerned about.

Personal Anecdotes


Fascist Leftists Go Crazy at Ohio State University Ben Shapiro Event

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