The hypocrisy of the Israel boycotters perfectly explained

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel boycotters think they are doing their best to harm the State of Israel. But they haven’t even begun to boycott Israeli products!

Israel Boycotters and Israeli products

It has become a trend to boycott Israeli products – or at least to attempt to. The problem is that Israel boycotters do not even realize that they haven’t done anything successfully. They want to hate Israel yet use all their products.

For example:
The USB flash drive was developed in Israel.
As was the Amazon Kindle.
Israel developed a breath test specialized for cancer diagnosis.
Israel created medicines that have saved and improved countless lives.
And the list literally goes on and on.

Do the boycotters really want to give up on such inventions, medical breakthroughs, and life-saving devices?

The Hypocrisy

These Israel haters want to harm Israel. They boycott a country that has done so much good for the world. They want to destroy Israel, yet they still want to benefit from what Israel has done for the world.

As Baroness Ruth Deech DBE said, “The biggest hypocrisy of all is this: The Israel haters would never inconvenience themselves by a boycott of Israeli technology. Would they give up their computers and cellphones?” The boycotters don’t want to actually give up anything in order to boycott Israel.

Maybe if they thought about what Israel actually does to improve the world, they would not want to boycott and hate Israel.

But the problem is, that these types of people are just plain anti-Semitic. And in that case, there is no logic. And nothing will convince them.

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