The terrifying fact that a “Palestinian” state would be run by a Nazi movement

by Phil Schneider

What would an Arab “Palestinian” State look like if one would arise?  It’s pretty scary.  We need to take a look back to modern history in order to truly understand the Arab enemy that is in the midst of the State of Israel.

World War II Facts

The Nazis first conquered most of Poland in September 1939.  They set up concentration camps and ghettos and tore apart Jewish communal life.  They terrorized the Jewish population into submission wherever they went and killed thousands of Jews.  But they did not implement an organized plan to systematically kill off the entire Jewish people yet.  That would come later on.

There is a debate among scholars as to how Hitler’s decision to kill the entire Jewish race evolved into a reality by the end of 1941.  Some scholars argue that the racist ideology coupled with the destruction of the Nazi Army naturally evolved into the Final Solution.  Others claim that the Final Solution was always the game plan.  It just became a reality in 1941.  What is often overlooked is the role of the Arab Mufti of Jerusalem in the decision to kill off the Jewish people.

Nazi Invasion of Russia

The Nazis did not invade the Soviet Union until the spring of 1941 on June 22nd.  From then on, the Nazi killing units began to kill in a massive way – tens of thousands of Jews every month.  They destroyed entire villages of 1,000+ and 2,000+ people.  They gathered up the Jews, brought them to a ravine or cemetery in the area and machine-gunned them all.  Often, local Ukrainian guards played a major role in keeping things “orderly.”

By the end of the fall of 1941, the killing machine had become an organized system.  The Nazi machine was wiping out thousands of Jews every day!

Role of the Mufti

At the critical time of November 1941, the Mufti of Jerusalem came and met up with Hitler himself in Berlin.  There are minutes to this meeting.  They point out that the Mufti convinced Hitler to not let the Jewish people get out of Europe.  (Perhaps Hitler had already decided this beforehand.)  The Mufti also wanted to make sure that the Arabs would take over the area of the Land of Israel when the Germans defeat the British Empire in the Middle East.

Hitler gave him total guarantees and assured the Arab world that “its hour of liberation had arrived.”

Haj Amim Husseini arranged pogroms in Jerusalem and Baghdad before he traveled to Berlin.

Nuremberg Trials

This film brings compelling evidence that points out how central a role the Mufti had in the decision to exterminate the Jews in Europe.  Dieter Wisliceny, a central Nazi administrator in the destruction of the Jewish people claimed that the Mufti played a central role in the Nazi decisions.  The Mufti was very close to Eichmann himself and encouraged him to “speed up the process.”

After 1948

After the War of Independence in 1948, Husseini escaped to Cairo and was not part of the Nuremberg trials.  He continued on and built up an anti-Israel movement Al-Fatah out of Egypt.  He brought up Yasser Arafat to follow in his footsteps.  The dream to kill the Jewish people has never disappeared.  To this day, the Arab anti-Israel movement  continues in the footsteps of Haj Amin Al Husseini.  The ideology and the goals are the same.  There are just new players on the stage.

A lesson for all time to remember is to “Know thine Enemy.”





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