“Palestinian” Arabs share the real purpose for the Gaza border riots

by Leah Rosenberg

Are you convinced yet? The “Palestinian” Arabs themselves are even telling the world their real purpose for the Gaza border riots. So listen up.

Gaza Border Riots

The Gaza border riots have been going on for too long. Months and months. They began at the end of March (although, these terrorists are constantly trying to harm Israel and Israelis, and this is not the first time). Since the beginning, the media has claimed that these riots are “peaceful.” They claim that the protesters are “peaceful.” That is absolutely ridiculous.

What is peaceful about sending fire kites into Israel to kill innocent people? Why are the protesters referred to as “peaceful” when they try to infiltrate the border to murder Israelis? We call that terrorism. And we call those people terrorists.

And the media won’t call it by its name.

The “Palestinian” Terrorists Admit it

The terrorists who try to kill Israelis and destroy Israel have openly stated their goals. It is not a secret.

As they said, “Oh Jews wait for us, with knives and Molotov cocktails. We will terrify you with knives and Molotov cocktails.”

People who say those things do not want to make peace.

But the media still blames Israel.

Are the terrorists’ goals not clear enough? These terrorists’ words and actions are the same. They say they want to kill the Jewish people, and sadly, they do kill – innocent men, women, and children.

The “Palestinian” terrorists are not quiet about their goals.

And the media STILL won’t call it by its name.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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