One of the most anti-Semitic terms you will ever hear

by Leah Rosenberg

Using the word “Palestinian” is anti-Semitic. Much of the world will not admit that, but if you know history, it is so accurate.

Sha’i ben-Tekoa

Sha’i ben-Tekoa is the author of the book “Phantom Nation: Inventing the ‘Palestinians’ as the Obstacle to Peace.” According to Gefen Publishing, “Phantom Nation is an exhaustive survey of historical records and news accounts that demonstrates conclusively that the Arabs currently inhabiting the land of Israel have no indigenous ties to the area, and that ‘Palestinian’ nationalism is verbal camouflage for belligerent Islam and functions as this generation’s politically correct, even fashionable mutation of the ageless fear, loathing and hatred of Jews.”

The author has done his research. His book is all based on facts. He has spent the time backing up his work, and therefore, you can’t ignore what he says.

“Palestinian” is an Anti-Semitic Term

Using the word “Palestinian” is anti-Semitic. It supposedly refers to many groups of people who lived in the Land for thousands of years. But it never includes the Jews. Despite the Jewish people having lived in Israel for thousands of years and being indigenous to the Land, they are not included. The “Palestinians” have their narrative, and the entire world believes them.

It might be surprising, but it is true – using the word “Palestinian” is just plain anti-Semitic.

But no one even cares about facts, history, or truth – they only care about anyone besides the Jewish people. And that even means terrorists. When terror strikes Israel, the world criticizes Israel and places blame upon them. Countless Jews have been murdered, and the world still thinks Israel is at fault.

There is so much anti-Semitism and anti-Israel rhetoric. When will it all end?

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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