Temple Mount Imam Calls Upon Men to Kill Their Sisters & Mothers if They Disgrace the Family

by Avi Abelow

A Muslim Imam on the Temple Mount called upon fathers and brothers to murder their sisters and mothers if they disgrace the family. This Islamic “teaching” was uploaded to the internet on September 21, 2018 and translated by MEMRI into English today. This is murder, sanctioned by religious officials. It is an absolute disgrace that the Western liberal world, including the feminists and #metoo movement, stay silent as Muslim women are murdered by their family members around the world, including in Western countries.

The Islam the Liberal West Prefers to Ignore

Sheikh ‘Issam Amira said that Muslims are “undergoing a major crisis regarding the honor of their womenfolk.” He claimed that this is being “targeted” more than their lives or property. He pointed towards the increased usage/consumption of social media and TV.  In addition, the reality that women leave the house without male chaperones serve as examples of the “obliteration” of women’s honor.

He then encouraged men to say to their female relatives: “We are ready to die defending your honor.  But at the same time, we are ready to kill you if you take your honor lightly.”  That’s what is called an offer you can’t refuse.

Where is the Outcry?

Not only is it a disgrace that this is an Islamic teaching, it is a complete disgrace that the Western “liberal” world stays silent. This is a despicable religious practice – to murder female family members. This practice in the Muslim world is called honor killings.

Full Text

“O Muslims we are undergoing a major crisis with our womenfolk. Obscenity has entered each and every home. And the fathers and other male guardians are unaware of it. Today we must wage a fierce war, a ferocious battle, to defend the honor of our womenfolk. Our women’s honor is being targeted more than our lives and our property. Moreover, the honor of our womenfolk is more sacred than our property, our lives and our holy places. The violated honor of women cannot be restored, whereas property may be regained. And the same is true of the holy places, if there are men and armies up to the task. Nowadays, the honor of our womenfolk has been violated. The signs of this violation are clear. Social media, TV series, women leaving the house without a male chaperone. Opportunities for prostitution are abundant. And honor is all but obliterated from the face of this holy land.

A Call to Arms

Where are you, oh fathers? Where are you oh brothers? What are you doing about the honor of your sisters and your mothers? How can you go about your business not knowing on what is going on in your own homes? Why don’t you supervise your homes? Why don’t you raise your sons and daughters to zealously protect their honor? Say to your women ” we are ready to die defending your honor”. But at the same time we are ready to kill you if you take your honor lightly.

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