Jews are indigenous to Israel, and history proves it

by Phil Schneider

How old is the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel? Are they truly indigenous to the Land?
This video thoroughly explains the Jewish claim to the Land of Israel.

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

The Jewish people were not born in the Land of Israel. It all started when Abraham was sent to the Land of Israel by God.  He and his family left to Egypt due to a famine.  But then they came back and raised their family in the Land of Israel.  His son, Isaac never left.  But Jacob, wives and sons left to Egypt due to another famine.

A few hundred years later, Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt and through the wilderness, but he never lived in the Land of Israel.  It was Joshua who was chosen to lead the Jewish people into the Land of Israel.

3,500 years

Once the Jewish people entered the Land, they never left.  That’s right. thousands of years of consecutive life in the Land of Israel.  Even when colonialists chased the Jewish people out, they never kicked out all of the Jewish people.  The Jewish people kept coming back.  They never stopped praying towards their Land.  They never gave up the hope to return at any opportunity. This despite centuries of anti-semitism and assimilation within whatever countries they lived in during the long exile.


Of all of the proofs that exist concerning the indigenous claim of the Jewish people, the most important of them is archaeology.  Every few months, another piece of pottery is unearthed with verses or names from the Bible.  These are found in Jerusalem, Judean Desert, near the Sea of Galilee, and all over the Golan Heights.  These are not old artifacts – they are ancient – 2,500 – 3,500 years old.  Entire verses from the Bible, and scrolls from the times of the Romans are on permanent display in the Israel Museum.

The truth is simple.  The Jewish people are the indigenous people of the Land of Israel.



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