The “Nikki Haley Rocks the United Nations” official music video

by Leah Rosenberg

Ambassador Nikki Haley is a powerhouse at the United Nations. She stands up for whatever is right. This song about Haley at the U.N. is priceless.

Ambassador Nikki Haley

People love Ambassador Nikki Haley. She is a breath of fresh air at the U.N. where so many feel like the world is drowning. It is amazing what she defends even when no other country will. She proudly stands up for America and shows America’s strong friendship toward Israel. Haley even does the unexpected and doesn’t care if it is not the norm. As long as it is moral.

“Nikki Haley Rocks the United Nations”

This is the song that Dovid Kerner wrote. She is that likable that a song was written for her! How many ambassadors to the United Nations have songs written to show support for them? But Americans are feeling strong and proud once again, and they want to show it. And what an entertaining and catchy song this is!

The Chorus to the Song

Here are the lyrics to the chorus of the song:

Nikki Haley rocks the United Nations
Shaking it down to its very foundations
Who knew that the truth could cause such a sensation?
Nikki Haley rocks!

So there you have it. The United States ambassador to the U.N., Ambassador Nikki Haley, has an official song to show that people really support her. She stands for truth and justice, and she will NOT back down. So the world better prepare themselves for what Haley has in store.

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