Illegal Immigrants Storm Beach in Spain as Beachgoers Look On

by Avi Abelow

Illegal Immigrants storm the beaches of Spain. One of the easy ways Africans illegally enter Europe today. The crazy immigration policies of Spain allow them to stay once they reach the shore. There is nothing for Spanish beachgoers to do besides just look on in shock.

Storming the Beach

The extraordinary scene in the video above occurred at midday on Saturday at a beach in Zahora in the province of Cadiz, near to the headland of Cape Trafalgar.

The irony is that this is close to where Horatio Nelson defeated Napoleon’s combined Spanish and French fleet. Now, you see how illegal immigrants are “conquering” Europe even without any act of war at all.

Apparently, this Happens A Lot!

These are all videos from just last week.

There are plenty of these videos from over the past year!

Europe has a Major Problem

The number of illegal immigrants and refugees who have entered Spain is 20,992 from between January 1 and July 25 2018. This almost equals the amount of people who entered Spain illegally all of last year, close to 22,108 people.

This is not just a problem in Spain, this is a problem for all of Europe. Most Eastern European countries have been strict in not allowing in illegal immigrants, but the Western European countries have been overrun with millions of them.

Borders are important. Legal migration is important. Will Western European countries begin to protect their borders from this illegal migration? That is the question.

Israel built a wall on its Southern border to stop the illegal migration from Africa. President Trump wants to do that same exact thing in the USA. Will Europe do anything?

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