What you can do to help Israeli soldiers

by Leah Rosenberg

This song is a Hebrew prayer to God with the words that pray for the welfare of Israeli soldiers.  The background is of video clips that display real battle scenes from the IDF.

Bravery and Morality

It is exceedingly difficult to put oneself in danger’s way.  But that is what young Israeli soldiers do time and again in order to defend the people and Land of Israel.  Today, it has become more dangerous than before, but the Army of the State of Israel is the Army of God.

They do not merely represent the nation.  They represent all that is good in this world.  They represent God’s goodness in this world.

Don’t believe the naysayers who claim that the Israeli Army is immoral.  The Israeli Army is overly moral.  It risks too many of it’s own in order to not harm civilians that it’s enemies hide behind.

Prayer for the IDF

War is dangerous and when one’s enemies are ruthless, there will be casualties.  So, next time you hear anybody criticize the Army of the State of Israel, offer a prayer.  Call out to God or offer a quiet prayer to watch over the brave sons and daughters who place themselves in harm’s way.

We pray for the time when there will be no need for a mandatory draft into the Israeli Army.  We pray for the time when Israel will be so strong that they won’t need such a large standing army.  But that time is nowhere in sight.  So, until then, we need brave young soldiers and a lot of prayers.

Martin Sherman - Bennett
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