Exposing Hamas’ violent music video

by Leah Rosenberg

Free speech needs to have limits.  YouTube understands this and they are clamping down.  However, a Hamas music video such as this one is now on YouTube and has not been taken off.  This is a perfect example of a video that goes way beyond the expression of a difference of opinion.  It is a clear call to kill Jews.  This kind of trash does not need to just be argued against.  There should not be any major platform for this kind of dangerous stuff.

Goebbels and Anti-Jewish Propaganda

There were many leaders in the Nazi era who laid the groundwork for the Nazi killing machine.  But it is reasonable to argue that Goebbels was the key to reaching the masses with simple messages.  Goebbels used cartoons that depicted Jews with long noses and lots of money.  The Jew, according to Nazi propaganda, was the source of all evil.  Goebbels depicted Jews as the reason for all of the financial woes of the German nation.  The Jew was the race that needed to be eradicated in order to allow the Master Race to prevail.

Educating To Hate

In order to have millions of Nazi soldiers willing to pull the trigger and kill men, women, children, and old people, a major education effort needed to take place.  The overwhelming number of German soldiers did pull the trigger – with zest.  The flippant attitudes in Nazi Germany towards killing Jews came from education to hate.  The point of this Hamas movie is to continue this tradition.

The attempt to kill Jews with rockets by Hamas terrorists is a direct continuation of the attempts to kill Jews with machine guns back in World War II.  Instead of just cartoons, today we have video clips.  We need to outlaw these video clips.

Arab Incitement
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