The Pakistani Christian who is waiting to be freed by President Trump

by Leah Rosenberg

Asia Bibi is a Christian.  This landed her in prison for 9 years.  How?  This story will make your hair stand up.

Liz Wheeler

Liz Wheeler from One America News Network is not scared to say it like it is.  The most persecuted religion in the world is the Christian religion.  Not everywhere, but in some dangerous places in the Middle East. This is a story about a ridiculous situation wherein this woman who wants to leave the Muslim faith is now trying to avoid being beheaded – in Pakistan.

Liz claims that this woman can be saved if President Trump offers this woman asylum.  Will President Trump step up to the bat?

Leader of the Free World

The President of the United States definitely is the leader of the free world.  Whether a US President would like to be more isolationist or more interventionist, he has a responsibility to lead.  It is not a difficult thing to make symbolic moves that make it clear on who’s side one stands.  The United States needs to stand on the side of freedom and especially on the side of all who fight for freedom in their countries.


In Iran, there are millions of people today who would be willing to protest and bring down the radical Islamic regime.  But they will only act if they know that the President of the United States has their back.  President Obama did not stand with the protesters, and negotiated with the Islamic regime.  This sent a strong signal to the protesters.  President Trump needs to make more speeches that help radical regimes teeter when masses protest.  But then he needs to back up his speeches with actions.  This is where President Trump can do alot of “damage” even with opposition from Congress.  This actually may be the part of his presidency that will have the most lasting effect outside of his Supreme Court choices.



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