Israel’s natural resources may be limited, but what they are doing is limitless

by Leah Rosenberg

What Israel is able to do for the environment with its limited natural resources is unbelievable. And it has only been just 70 years!

Israel’s Natural Resources

Israel is a small country with limited resources. They have a lot of desert land and not much water, yet they have accomplished so much in such a short time. Israel is advanced in so many areas because they make use out of whatever resources they do have. The tiny Jewish state truly makes the impossible possible.

Helping the Environment

Israel reuses 80% of agricultural wastewater, and that makes them one of the leaders in the world. Israel has also been influential in irrigation technologies.

Israeli startups are booming in Israel, and one even invented a device that creates water out of air. How amazing is that?

Additionally, the Jewish state uses solar panels. Why not make use of the sun’s ability to produce heat?

Overall, Israel just uses whatever energy and resources are available to create a strong country and a clean environment. And that is most definitely noteworthy!

Israel Cares about the Environment

Israel has done various things to show they care about the environment. They have helped in the area of plastic pollution. Israel has also helped combat desertification.

Why does the world ignore all the good that Israel does? Without Israel, the world would truly be a different place. Their medical advances, technologies, inventions, and innovations have saved and improved countless lives.

If only the media were to show these news headlines about Israel instead.


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