Israeli Arabs Are Shifting To This Political Party

by Gavriel Dan

Israeli politics never ceases to surprise. While a clear majority of Israeli Arabs will vote for the Joint List, which is mainly a combined Arab party, there appears to be a growing amount of Israeli Arabs that are moving towards Likud.

While the news media around the world tends to focus on the Arab minority in Israel as being disenfranchised with their youth gravitating to the extremes, reality is far different and many are openly saying how good they have it in Israel.

In the past this sort of Arab voter was never focused on, but this election is different. Likud has realized it has soft support in some Arab villages and is looking to expand it in order to cut just enough away from the Join List and the Left in order to prevent them from building a coalition.

This mirrors the Trump campaign’s strategy on building a larger African American voter base in order to be jut enough to win swing states.

If the Likud can succeed and show results in Arab communities then it may be able to break the Left hold on Arab voters as well as the drift towards sectoral voting in the community.

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