Parade Shows Antisemitism Still Alive in Spain

by Phil Schneider

Anti-Semitism is alive and well in Europe. In truth, it probably never truly died down. It was just probably under wraps for a few decades while the memories of the Holocaust were still fresh in the minds of a significant number of people. But today, for many people under the age of 40 in Europe, the whole concept of the Holocaust is probably not more than a distant memory of something mentioned in a boring history class.

Anti-Semitism grows when the economic woes are felt. This is one of many universal rules of anti-semitism. But when the economies are not suffering, then what is is the cause of anti-semitism? There are many answers, and they often differ in every country. In the United States, there are multiple causes. From resentment that comes from all kinds of angles, to standard scapegoating among the disenfranchised, there are many sources. But even more so, there is a massive rise in Muslim populations all across Europe and the United States. The Islamic religion is not just anti-Jewish, but rather anti all other religions. But, for whatever reason, the anti-Jewish character is more dominant than the other anti-religious attitudes.

Anti-Semitism will not disappear. In addition, anti-Semitism will probably continue to rise. But that doesn’t give us any justification to raise our hands in despair. If we allow it to grow and fester, then it will grow rapidly and consume more and more of the mindset of the masses. But if we consistently point out the lies and inconsistencies and hypocrisy of the many arguments to hate the Jewish people, then at least the more decent of the next generation has a chance of not believing the lies of the haters.

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