The selfless act that saved a mans life uncovered.

by Phil Schneider

The Gift of Life. Is there anything that is greater that one can grant another person in this world? The answer is that there is probably nothing greater that one can do for another person in this world than grant the gift of life. Indeed, this is what the Gift of Life program of Ezer Mitzion does – it brings together donors, who through pure altruism, give the gift of life to people who are often total strangers to them.

There have been hundreds of donors who have saved the lives of others via bone marrow donations. The rare matches that exist in this world allow for this to happen very rarely. But, there are other organ donors in today’s day and age that are less rare. Specifically, kidney donors. A recent phenomenon has been the growth of kidney donors in and out of the State of Israel. Most people in need of a kidney can receive a healthy kidney from another healthy donor. It is amazing how many thousands of people need one healthy kidney in order to live.

The altruism that drives the donors is majorly impressive. They undergo a very unpleasant procedure with some dangerous consequences. But they overcome their fears in order to save a life. May we all learn from their examples of giving in order to make our life more meaningful.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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