Israeli Airforce Attack Hamas Targets in Retaliation for Weekend of Terror

by Avi Abelow

The Israeli airforce attacked Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in response to mortar shell fire that landed in Israel near the Gaza security fence.


Last night at 8:45PM a rocket was fired from Gaza into Israel. Air raid sirens went off as Israeli civilians had seconds to run to shelter. This is in addition to the non-stop attacks throughout the weekend on the border fence, as well as the constant balloon bombs that were launched into Israel.

A mortar shell landed in Israeli territory near the Gaza border fence after it was fired by terrorists from Gaza. The rocket exploded in an open area and did not cause injuries or damages. Earlier on Saturday, a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) round was found in an Israeli town belonging in the Sdot Negev Regional Council. Sappers arriving at the area neutralized the explosive safely, avoiding injuries.

IDF forces also intercepted a drone, flown over the Gaza fence, suspected to carry a bomb.

The drone was identified during the flight and as soon as it penetrated Israeli air space it was intercepted successfully.

The Israeli airforce attack was also carried out in response to the continued detonation of the balloons with explosive charges flown towards our forces on the Gaza Strip border and the continued attempts to damage the bordern fence security infrastructure in recent days.

Israeli warplanes and aircraft attacked a number of terrorist targets overnight Saturday, including terrorist targets in a military compound in the northern Gaza Strip and two vessels belonging to Hamas.

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