This is what happens when Congress mainstreams antisemitism

by Phil Schneider

It is not unprecedented for a Congressman to be anti-semitic. There have been many haters in Congress over the decades. However, this woman is now on the Foreign Relations Committee. If that is not mainstreaming a hater, then what is? The Democrats are way out of line. They are playing politics. They must realize that the Democratic party is about to lose much more than the Jewish vote and Jewish support. The Democrats are on the way to becoming a far-left progressive radical side of politics.

England’s leadership of the Labor Party

England is now a country that is not much more than a heartbeat away from having a Jew-hater or Israel-hater at it’s helm. That is what has happened with the ascendancy of Jeremy Corbyn. But, the Democratic party is now in a completely different stage. They don’t have a senior leadership problem with anti-semitism. It’s their young, up-and coming leadership that is the problem. If they nip it in the bud, it will be an isolated episode. However, all indications now are that the Democratic Party cares about only one thing – bringing down President Donald Trump. If they stick with that policy – to the exclusion of everything else, it is clear that they will steadily fade into oblivion with the middle class voter in the USA.

It is time that the Democratic party disregard the radicals and the haters and bring them down from power. Otherwise, they can kiss their dreams goodbye of returning to power for any amount of time. The Republicans will dominate for decades if this trend continues.

Col. Kemp

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