Israel Strikes Near Damascus As War Tensions Between Israel And Iran Increase

by Micha Gefen

Israel struck a Hezbollah facility just outside of Damascus over night. This is the first airstrike in Syria since the Russian air force started patrolling with the Syrian air force near Israel’s border.

Iran has been using Syria as a transit point for years in order to ship precision guided missile (PGM) parts to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel’s air strikes are a key part of their deterrence against Iran’s encirclement of the Jewish State. If Iran was allowed to deliver the PGMs to Hezbollah, it would quickly become an existential threat to the Jewish State.

With war tensions rising between Russia and the West, Iran is also using the time to push forward and ensure that there is an enough of a deterrent against Israel so Jerusalem decides against attacking the Iranian nuclear program.

For its part, Israel has cemented its alliance with the UAE, which gives it the strategic reach necessary to strike into the heart of Iran. It is clear that in any war, the Israeli home front will suffer a set of serious blows due to Hezbollah’s missiles. By cutting down the PGMs now, Hezbollah will have less of an arsenal when it takes aim.

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