Jewish Rapper Responds to Recent Antisemitism with a Powerful Message

by Leah Rosenberg

The recent antisemitism has brought about many different responses. Some have been horrifying. And some have been extremely powerful.

Responses to the Recent Antisemitism

It is not only terrifying how much antisemitism there has been, but some of the responses to the recent antisemitism is terrifying as well. After the Texas synagogue hostage situation, some feared the anti-MUSLIM feelings it would create. They did not care about the ANTISEMITISM! They did not care about the Jews. Too many ignored the fact that once again, Jews were targeted; that once again, there was a hate crime – against the Jewish people.

But this Jewish rapper really gave it to the world. He reminded the world that attacks against Jews make up more of the hate crimes than against all other religions combined. Attacks against Jews make up more than half of hate crimes! These are the facts. Even though the Jewish people make up less than 1% of the global population, they are targeted again and again.

Yes, Jews care about all other oppressed people as well. Jews want to fight for everyone. But why is no one fighting for the Jews? Why do people downplay every act of antisemitism? Somehow, the focus goes on pitying the attacker and his religion instead of the attacked.

Jews do not feel safe anymore. And despite the fact that Jews are always there to defend others, the world refuses to defend the Jewish people. And that is another crime against the tiny nation of Israel.

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