Neo-Nazis Out in the Open in Southern Florida

by Leah Rosenberg

No, this is not Nazi Germany in 1939. These are Neo-Nazis in Southern Florida in 2022. This is absolutely horrifying!

Neo-Nazis in Orlando, Florida

Welcome to 2022, where antisemitism is on the rise; where Neo-Nazis can freely roam around yelling “The Jew is the devil.” These vile antisemites also yelled “Jews rape children and drink their blood.” This rally was put together by white supremacist Eddie McBride and his group called the National Socialist Movement (NSM). It was an antisemitic, anti-Black rally.

It is truly disturbing, disgusting, and shocking. It is terrifying that these people exist still; that Holocaust survivors are still alive and have to witness people acting with such hatred.

People need to know how much Jew-hatred there is in the world. Because often, it is downplayed. Many in the world do not realize that Jews are the most targeted group – more than other religions combined. The Jews make up less than 1% of the global population, and yet, they are constantly attacked.

Where are all those who stand up for human rights? Who stand up for the oppressed? They always seem to ignore the Jewish people. They ignore the Neo-Nazis stomping on the flag of the one and only Jewish state.

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