Israel Prepares A Final Assault On Iran

by Micha Gefen

For years there was an assumption that Israel would have to take up arms against the Iranian menace and now it has reached the time where it must act.

With the Iranian menace not backing down and the noose tightening around Israel, planning has gone into fever pitch over dealing with Hezbollah to the North and Iranian forward bases in Syria. With or without a nuclear weapon, the Ayatollahs have enough weaponry int those two places to cause Israel serious damage.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett may have grilled former Prime Minister Netanyahu over a lack of planning, but in truth, it is the current government which appears to be way over its head. Only Israel’s chief os staff appears to have the acumen and stomach for the coming fight.

This is exactly why former PM Netanyahu brought him in and gave General Aviv Kochavi carte blanche to take care of the Iranian threat. Now it is time for the real phase. A combination of covert missions on Iran and overt attacks on Lebanon will be combined to push back and stamp out Iranian aggression. Will it succeed? It will have to.

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