Pro-Israel Supporter Attacked by Muslim Kid in Amsterdam

by Leah Rosenberg

Look at who is attacking this pro-Israel supporter here. A child! Many Muslims are teaching their children such intense hatred!

Muslim KID Attacks Pro-Israel Supporter

This boy does not look old. In such a short lifetime so far, he has learned to hate. He has not learned to value the opinion of others or to respect them. He has learned to hate the Jewish people enough to attack those who support them and their one and only state. There is so much hatred and violence among even young kids. Too many Muslim children are taught to hate from such a young age, and it is a culture that must be stopped.

It seems that no one is allowed to support Israel anywhere. If you do, you risk being attacked. What an insane phenomenon! A person who wants to support a free and democratic society, the only one in the Middle East, can be threatened for doing so? Something seems wrong. The world is backward. Those who support “Palestinians” and their terrorism are not attacked. Those who support the murder of innocent Jewish men, women, and children, are not in danger. But those who support Israel? The ancient homeland of the Jewish people? G-d’s land? Those people are the ones who are harassed! How insane!

One day soon, please G-d, things will be clear. The world will see G-d. It will be clear to everyone who has been on the right side of history and who has been on the very wrong side.

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