Israeli Startup Creates App that Diagnoses and Monitors Diseases

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel has done it yet again. The technology created by the Israeli Startup Mon4t allows doctors to monitor patients from afar!

Israeli Startup Turns Smartphone into Neurological Lab

There seems to be an Israeli startup for just about everything. Israelis see a lack in the world, and they fill it. They actively try to make the world better. Israelis see, and they do. And this startup is no different. It is amazing what they accomplished. Their technology is being used in hospitals worldwide. Their technology allows for doctors and patients to connect even when they are far apart.

Why Can’t the World See the Good in Israel?

Israel is able to see the good in the world. The nation of Israel has been able to persevere for thousands of years despite persecutions and exiles. They not only survived, but they thrived. They have focused on what’s good in the world instead of what’s bad.

The Jewish people did not become a depressed nation after each destruction. They constantly rebuilt and continued moving forward; continued finding reasons to live the best life.

If Israel can see the good in the world, why can’t the world see the good in Israel? If Israel DOES so much good for the world, why can’t the world see it? Are they so blind? So antisemitic? It does not benefit ANYONE to boycott Israel. They will be missing out on what makes the world a better place. Who would purposely choose that? Who would actively decide not to benefit from good in the world?

Ramallah Lynch 20 Years Later
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