Actor Jon Voight Tells All in Explosive Interview on Faith

by Phil Schneider

Jon Voight has been a conservative in Hollywood for decades. He is an odd bird in a very powerful place. He is a very religious man, and that is a major aspect of who he is. Their is a basic difference between a person that lives a Godly inspired life and a person who does not. This is quite powerful for anyone who is searching.

The existence of a loving God is something that is a central aspect of life for many people. It is not often that such a personal interview is aired with such a Hollywood icon. The essence is one of a person who strongly feels the existence of God all over him. This led to a major metamorphosis in his personal and professional life. He became happier and more at peace with himself and his place in this world.

What Jon Voight stands for is not in style today the way that it used to be. Organized religion has been taking a hit in recent decades and becoming less and less the norm that people associate with. The powerful line is, “It’s supposed to be difficult.” That indeed is a message that so few hear today. It is one of the reasons that Jordan Peterson has become so popular. He is one of the only people today who is willing to stand up and say to the world that life is tough. His message is not one of religion, but it most certainly fits with so many basic religious ideas. The key is to take responsibility for one’s actions and not take things for granted. Life is indeed a gift to not treat lightly.

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