China Is Coming For Israel…

by Micha Gefen

The Chinese dragon has finally turned on Israel in ways a few years ago no one imagined. CCP leader and Chinese President Xi Jinping has decided to pivot China as a direct foe of the State of Israel instead of the faux neutral party it has pretended to be.

The question is why such a pivot by Beijing against the Jewish State? It wasn’t so long ago that the CCP run country claimed that the Jewish people were like the Chinese due to both being ancient cultures.

There are two main reasons for the shift in Chinese policy against the Jewish state.

The first reason is connected to the Chinese government’s need to deflect from the CCP’s treatment of the ethnic Uyghur community in Western China. There are approximately 12 million Uyghurs living in the Xinjiang region of China. More and more countries around the world have begun to call out the CCP’s treatment of this minority Muslim population. With reports of mass incarcerations, concentration camps, and organ harvesting, the Western world has found it hard to remain neutral.

In return China has decided to portray itself as the protector of “palestinian” Arab rights in order to deflect from their treatment of the Uyghurs. The Chinese government has begun actively supporting “palestinian” causes in international forums like the UN as well as providing money and support.

The second reason behind China’s about face with Israel is Iran. China has decided to use Iran to push Beijing’s agenda in the Middle East and by doing so becoming the main adversary of Israel and its Sunni-Gulf alliance.

China’s goal now is to increase Israel’s instability from within and out. By actively supporting Hamas and Fatah through financial support they are aiding Jew killing terrorist groups. Of course the biggest challenge for Israel is the Chinese economic juggernaut. By closing down investments and business between Beijing and Jerusalem, the Jewish State will feel the pain.

However, Israel may have to decide to diversify and instead do more business with actual allies like Japan and India.

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