Israel Levels Iranian Consulate In Damascus Killing Head Of IRGC In Syria

by David Mark

Syrian news reported that the IAF destroyed the consular section of the Iranian embassy and the ambassador’s residence, killing Mohammad Reza Zahedi and five other IRGC officials there.

Mohammad Reza Zahedi was reported to be a top commander in IRGC’s Quds Force — responsible for the unit’s operations in Syria and Lebanon, and thus the most senior commander of Iranian forces in Syria and Lebanon.

The strike in Iran took place shortly after Israel’s top general Herzl Halevi was in the Northern Command where he held a situational assessment meeting and “approved operational plans” in regards of the war against Hizbullah in Lebanon. Last week the IDF held a military wide “surprise drill” simulating an all out war with Hizbollah.

Last night’s strike represents a serious escalation with Iran. An attack on a country’s embassy or consulate is considered a direct attack on that country.

Akbari, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Syria: “The Zionist regime targeted the building with six missiles and I was at my workplace in the embassy.”

One of the questions that is being asked is why would Israel carry out such a serious attack now when it needs to hold back a second front? The fact is, Israel has everything it needs to take care of Rafah. The 98th Brigade under General Goldfus only has to be given the order and it will continue Southward, either capturing the Gaza/Egypt border or enter into the heart of Rafah beforehand. 

The Northern front is considered the more serious of the two and without taking at least to the Litani if not farther North, Israel remains in existential danger. The Biden administration may not want Israel to go into Gaza, but trying to stop Israel from taking on Hezbollah and Iran would cost Biden the election - after all Iran and Russia are in an alliance and it is hard to argue for Ukraine’s war against Russia and not back up Israel’s against Iran.

By jumpstarting the Northern war now – Israel takes the pressure off of its troops outside of Rafah and reshapes the war between Israel and Iran. As the Northern war progresses - expect the 98th Brigade and others to enter Rafah and take it over.

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