Watch: Douglas Murray Schools South African Reporter on Her Own Show

by Phil Schneider

This is a classic example of how to not get invited back for a 2nd interview. Respond to every question of your interviewer by explaining clearly and cogently that the interviewer is playing with facts due to personal animus. 

Douglas Murray catches the interviewer making false claims of Israel occupying Gaza – before the Gaza War – when the obvious fact is that Israel removed all of the Jewish people from Gaza back in 2005. When the interviewer then falls back on the false claim that Israel has encircled Gaza since then, Murray calmly points out that you can’t encircle an area if you only control 3/4 of the border of the area. What about Egypt’s border with Gaza? Does that exist? Check mate.

Of course Murray is 100% right. But moreover, the entire claim that Israel has sealed off the Gaza Strip is one big fat lie. How did Gaza build hundreds of miles of tunnels? The answer is with cement. All of those materials flowed through the multiple crossing areas – every day – from Israel into Gaza over the last 20 years. 

Additionally, how did Hamas terrorists know so much about every Kibbutz and small town they invaded on October 7th? The answer is simple – they worked there. The argument that Gaza was blockaded is a blatant lie parroted by anti-Israel pundits and interviewers without any compunction for ignoring the facts. 

Douglas Murray is even elegant when taking down the anti-Israel arguments. He simply sticks to the facts and lets them guide him. His methods of persuasion are the best textbook for how to win the battle of persuasion.  

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