ISRAEL IN CRISIS: Gantz Willing To Divide Country To Oust Bibi

by David Mark

While Prime Minister Netanyahu has won wide marks on leading Israel through the Coronavirus global pandemic, the opposition is so scared that this will cement him once again as Israel’s Prime Minister that they are still willing to use terrorist backers to overthrow the popular Prime Minster.


By enlisting the help of the Joint List they still hope to push Netanyahu out. More importantly, they have spurned Netanyahu’s request for an emergency government when it is needed the most and have decided to go all out and push out the premier no matter the consequences.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s offered the following parameters for an emergency government:

“Faced with the global and national emergencies, we must unite forces and establish a strong and stable government that can pass a budget and make tough decisions”

“The government will be appointed for 6 months, and ministerial positions will be divided equally. The PM cannot fire ministers from Blue and White, and Blue and White cannot express no confidence in the PM.

“At the end of the period, we will return to the current state.”

This offer was spurned by Gantz and the rest of the Blue and White party. With the Joint List, made up of known terror supporters backing Gantz, he may very well get the first shot at forming a government.

While Liberman has in the past stayed neutral on recommendations, preferring to play spoiler, all bets are off now as he recommended the Blue and White Leader.

The real question is what will happen if Gantz uses parliamentary tricks to push Bibi out in the middle of a crisis. After all, he has no real experience doing anything in government. Why would Israelis feel secure with him at the helm?

While Gantz, with the nod to form the government will try to force Netanyahu to capitulate to his demands in the middle of a crisis, what everyone agrees on is the need for unity.

Even Ofer Eini, former national union boss and certainly not a supporter of Bibi Netanyahu has begged the leftwing Labor to join with the Likud to lead the country during the crisis.

“I am surprised at Amir Peretz. Go to Bibi as soon as tonight and close with him a deal that says that, within the coalition agreement, there will be an agreement on a unity government,” added Eini.

He said that in the event that Blue and White joins the government, Netanyahu should be the first to serve as Prime Minister. “It’s obvious to me that the Prime Minister should be first, Gantz will be second, sit next to him and learn.”

“In this state of chaos, and I am not considered a rightist, I think that the with Prime Minister’s experience it is good that he is at the helm during this crisis,” continued Eini.

In addition to Eini, leading rabbis have pressed President Rivlin to force a unity government.

Interestingly enough, according to Israel’s Basic Law, Rivlin does not have to give the mandate to Gantz if there is one more defector. Right now, Gantz has at the most 61 mandates to give him the go ahead to try forming a government first. Rivlin has to automatically give it to him if no one else abstains from center-left camp. But if only one person does, then Rivlin can give it to whomever he feels has the best chance to form a stable government.

What happens next?

If Gantz gets the nod, the crisis of faith in the government and system will only worsen. Expect chaos – lots of it.

Col. Kemp

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