Tucker Carlson Nails the Left with Israel Closing Her Borders

by Avi Abelow

Tucker Carlson on the Left Pushing for Open Borders During Pandemic “They will always put America Last, it’s their creed.” “You have only one duty: to the lives in your care, your people…In the end that’s what it means to lead a family, it means no less to lead a country.”

Tucker Carlson highlights the stringent measures Israel has taken on Israel’s borders to save Israeli lives from the growing coronavirus threat spreading around the world.

Tucker Carlson’s video on this issue is a MUST SEE! He does a fabulous job of highlighting Israel’s leadership on dealing with this crisis, while highlighting the sickness of the political left in America that makes it harder to protect Americans.

Thank G-d the sickness of the political left in Israel is not as bad as in the United Stares of America!

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