Arab Doctor Helps Jewish Family And Has a Special Message For Peace

by Micha Gefen

Dr. Ali Shrukh, from Dahriah near Hebron is a “Palestinian” Arab. In 2016, on the way to Jerusalem he found an overturned Israeli car. He stopped and provided medical assistance.

Dr. Ali Shrukh says that both “Palestinian” Arabs and Israelis have children and need to look beyond the politics. “So even though there is a conflict we need to recognize and respect each other and raise a peace loving generation.”

Dr. Shrukh is not alone. Although the new makes it seem that Arabs and Jews in Judea and Samaria are at each other’s throats, there are in fact many positive relationships on the ground.

More and more Arabs and Jews are recognizing that they must find a way to work together and live together. Their future depends on it.

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