Bernie Sanders Proves Once Again That He Is An Antisemite

by Phil Schneider

What is it about Bernie Sanders that makes it so hard for him to stay away from anti-semites? The truth is that he doesn’t even try. He embraces them.

Bernie Sanders keeps getting support from anti-semites and refuses calls that he distance himself from these people. Why? Because of the one thing Bernie Sanders indeed is – a straight shooter. He doesn’t hide the fact that he is a socialist. He doesn’t hide the fact that he thinks that the Netanyahu government in Israel is racist. He really thinks these ridiculous things.

The Democratic party needs to realize that if they put people like Bernie at the helm, and vote people like him and his supporters into power, they will very quickly sideline themselves from positions of leadership in Congress and the Senate, let alone the Executive Branch. Bernie Sanders has been a refreshing radical progressive candidate. It’s hard not to admire his willingness to keep going at his advanced age – with a heart condition. But he keeps going, and fires up the progressive wing of the party wherever he goes. But if Joe Biden wins the nomination, will Bernie’s supporters show up in November? Probably not. Some of them may even vote for Donald Trump.

Col. Kemp

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