Israel-hating student group has shocking new logo glorifying murder of Israelis

by Leah Rosenberg

This is absolutely sickening. How is a student group on campus allowed to have a logo that glorifies the murder of Israelis or ANY people?

SJP – The Israel-Hating Student Group

SJP stands for Students for Justice in Palestine. Their national logo has burning fire kites in it. For those who don’t know, those fire kites are what Hamas has sent into Israel from Gaza in order to burn Israeli land, homes, and with the hope that Israelis will be killed as well. Those kites have been more destructive than you can imagine, destroying thousands of acres of land and burning animals. The fires have destroyed crops and foods. Any sane person will admit that it is a terrible form of terror!

SJP’s logo shows that they do not care at all about any justice. They only care about murdering Israelis and destroying Israel. The fact that this is a STUDENT group on a college campus is appalling. And NO college should allow such hate on their campus. Not UCLA, not any university.

What Have Campuses Become?

What has happened to college campuses? College is supposed to be a place of learning and growth. But now, there is so much hatred towards Israel. Student groups are preaching hate instead of love, violence instead of peace, and lies instead of truth. The focus is in the wrong place. There are those pro-Israel groups who fight back with the truth, but the lies sometimes seem so much louder. We need to stop those who are spreading lies about the Jewish state; those who want to harm and ultimately destroy the Jewish people.

Indeed, the Jewish people have been subject to anti-semitism for centuries and centuries. It is enough! It is time we put an end to this hate – on college campuses and all over the world.

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