Start the New Year destroying the lies of Jewish Voice for Peace

by Leah Rosenberg

Could it be that the entire basis of the argument for a “Palestinian State” is based on fabrications?  Could it be that this representative of the Jewish Voice for Peace is wrong time and time again about the history of Israel and the Arabs in the Middle East?

The basis of this video is- yes – the entire argument is based on falsehoods, exaggerations and misconceptions.

Rather than focus on a solution, this video makes the valid point that either we will understand how we got to where we are, or else we will never figure out how to tackle the real issues.  This is because it is not even clear what the real issue is.  A common refrain by many is that the main issue is peace in the Middle East.  But in truth, that is not the main issue.  That is a potential positive result of solving the issue.  But what is the core issue?

The Heart of the Matter

The real issue is that, by and large, the Arabs in the Middle East and in much of the world do not accept the right of the Jewish people to a State in Israel.  It’s really as simple as that.  You change that, and you’re well on your way to getting to the bottom of the problem.  Then you can start to talk about solutions, etc..

But for now, the basic existence of the State of Israel is the core issue.  One side can dream all day about working with the other side.  But if the other side doesn’t even recognize that they exist, you can’t build on that.

This is not a new phenomenon.  It predates the State of Israel.  It goes back to a deep-seated hatred of the Jewish people.  So let’s not focus on peace.  Let’s focus on more elemental things.  Do you even recognize my existence?

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