History proves there are no “Palestinian” people

by Leah Rosenberg

Golda Meir’s statement about the “Palestinian” people is true.  There indeed is no such thing as a Palestinian people.  It is one big invention that was set up in order to pressure and ultimately destroy the State of Israel.  The term “Palestine” denotes nothing more than a geographic area where various people lived in – Jews, Arabs, Christians, and other people.  There is as much reason for a Jew to be called a “Palestinian” as there is reason for an Arab to be called a “Palestinian.”  But the truth is that neither is really true.  Jews are Jews.  Arabs are Arabs.  Kurds are Kurds.  Africans are Africans.

Salami Approach

Yasser Arafat proudly announced a few decades ago that his approach was one of the salami variety.  That means that the idea of destroying the Jewish state was via stages.  At first, there would be a small Arab state within the Land of Israel.  Then, they would demand a larger swath of land, and then they would fight to make the State of Israel smaller and smaller.  This way they would have an effective platform to destroy the State of Israel from within.

Arafat’s Marketing Plan

But in order to have an Arab state within the State of Israel, Arafat came up with a brilliant marketing plan.  He decided to claim that the Arabs were the indigenous people.  They coined the term – “Palestinians” – and adopted the term as their essence. All of the anti-Israel forces adopted this as the reason why the Arabs were entitled to a State.  After all, the “Palestinians” were the ancient people of the State of Israel.  That’s what the term “Palestine” connotes.  Smart Plan – but a lie.

The Arabs know this too.  The preachers in Mosques don’t talk about their history in Palestine as much as they say things about how to destroy the Jewish State.  That’s because that is the essential tradition that the Arabs have received from their forefathers.



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