The Ultra-Orthodox wedding of the century!

by Leah Rosenberg

If you have been to any Jewish weddings, you will feel the excitement. The happiness permeates the air, and everyone who attends feels it.

Jewish Weddings

Every wedding is different. Ultra-Orthodox Jewish weddings are going to be different even within ultra-Orthodoxy itself! It is beautiful to see that Orthodox Jewish people of all kinds can have different customs at weddings, yet all follow the same word of God regarding the laws of getting married.

Marriage is an exciting time. It is a time of starting a brand new life together with your soulmate. There is so much potential for happiness. And indeed, at some Jewish weddings if not all, you will most definitely feel that happiness radiating throughout the entire wedding!

Bobov Hassidim

This video shows highlights from the wedding of the oldest grandson of the Bobov Rabbi. Bobov is a sect of Hassidim. This Hassidic wedding is fascinating to watch. All the people who came are bringing joy to the bride and the groom. They are dancing, singing, and that joy is emanating from their souls! It is a whole production!

Soul Mates

Jews take marriage very seriously. There is the concept of what is called in English a “soul mate.” The Talmud says that God decrees who will marry each other long before the babies are even born. Soul mates are decided in Heaven!

It is truly an exciting time to be able to carry out God’s plan and bring a match made in Heaven together. That is definitely something to celebrate!

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