Israel and Lebanon are trying to make peace – but one thing is stopping them

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel and Lebanon are considered enemies. But are things changing? Well, the countries and people seem to want change – but something is in the way.

Can Israel and Lebanon Make Peace

Is it possible for Israel and Lebanon to make peace? It seems like it could be possible. The fact that the two countries are discussing the maritime borders for the very first time in thirty years is amazing.

The people of Lebanon want change. The leaders want change.

But something is in the way. Hezbollah. Iran. Hezbollah has brought catastrophe upon the people of Lebanon. And it is all backed by Iran. The destruction. The dwindling economy. The terrorism. Hezbollah is bringing Lebanon down. Just like the Iranian regime is bringing Iran down. The people of both countries want the terrorists to lose the power that they have.

Iran & Hezbollah Don’t want Peace

Iran and Hezbollah don’t want peace. And that is why it is futile to have the Iran deal – a deal that ultimately allows Iran to build a nuclear weapon. It is not about peace and negotiations. The Iranian regime wants to destroy the Western world, and they will of course lie to get to that goal. You cannot trust a terrorist regime.

Iran is a threat to peace. Hezbollah is a threat to peace. All those who reject peace are a threat to peace.

Israel is not the reason there isn’t peace in the Middle East. Israel is the reason the Middle East is changing for the better.

Arab Incitement
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