Don’t take words out of context – or this happens

by Leah Rosenberg

Nas Daily is a platform that makes videos which are not political. And yet, somehow, his words got twisted and he was told he said something wrong.

Nas Daily Responds to Criticism

Nas Daily, or Nuseir Yassin, the person behind that page, responded back to the criticism. He was told that he said something wrong by using the words “these people.”

He is not a political figure. His videos do not relate to politics. Yassin’s goal is just to inspire people. His goal is to show the good; to teach people about others throughout the world.

So when he is criticized for saying “these people,” it makes no sense. Why? Because of the context. You always need to look at the context. He did not speak about anyone badly. In fact, his comment was a positive one. And it turned in to some type of “political correctness” game. And that is truly absurd.

Making Problems from Nothing

This seems to be a common theme these days. Many people like to create a problem where none exists. Or they like to exasperate a manageable problem. Either way, it is absurd.

And it is absurd that Nas Daily got criticized for saying something as harmless as “these people,” especially when it was a positive context.

There is a famous book by P.D. Eastman called “Big Dog…Little Dog.” Yes, it may be a children’s book about opposites. But at the end, the bird in the book says, “Why make big problems out of little problems?” That one line is deeper than just an opposites book. Why are people in the world trying to make big problems out of little problems? Or worse, big problems when there are no problems!

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