Jared Kushner reveals President Trump’s key to success

by Phil Schneider

Jared Kushner explains the brilliance of the foreign policy approach of the Trump administration. It’s not the typical insider approach that is based on a long history of building up trust with foreign leaders. It is an outsider approach that is based on keeping all of the players unsettled. This is more brilliant than one may realize, and it may be the key to his success with his Middle East policy.

While much of the media hounds President Trump for not having good relationships with foreign leaders, they may indeed have it all wrong. It is exactly the way he manages relationships with leaders that allows him to make the necessary policy agreements that benefit America and the freedom-loving world. True, President Trump follows his hunches more than data, and that is a bit scary. But, he must be judged on results. With North Korea, Russia, China, and NATO, the jury is still out as to whether or not the Trump administration has been effective or not. But on the Middle East, it’s pretty clear that Donald Trump has been not just very effective. He has basically radically altered the Middle East for the better in a span of less than four years. Iran is on it’s heels, and the State of Israel is making peace treaty after peace treaty – week after week – with foreign leaders. Of course, these treaties may not last for more than a decade or two. But the trend is unmistakeably positive. The problem with much of the mass media’s take on President Trump is that they take him literally for what he says, instead of focusing on what he accomplishes.

Nobody would have thought it a few years ago, but President Trump’s foreign policy achievements in the Middle East may go down in history as his most successful achievements.

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