As Global Tensions Rise, India and Israel Offer A New Way Forward

by Micha Gefen

Whether or not Bibi Netanyahu makes it through internal Likud politics or not, his strong pivot to India may have opened up an important new path in a world that appears increasingly to be moving towards a post American hegemony.

While Chinese and US tensions continue to rise and in a sense define the breakdown of future alignments across the world, Israel’s growing alliance with India as well as its covert relationship with Sunni Arab states are just some of the alignments that appear to be developing.

In a sense Israel and India are beginning to form the nucleus for an alliance that can offer another way forward. This alliance in a sense is based on those countries that have ascended as global influencers in the 2010’s.

Greece, Cyprus, Eastern Europe, India, Israel, and more are fast rising from the shadows of those countries and alliances that were built in the wake of World War Two and the end of the Cold War.

Netanyahu has been the main pursuer of building alliance with most of these countries and it appears that the East Med energy and defense alliance with Cyprus and Greece as well as strong anti-terror training and defense trade with Eastern Europe and the Visegrad countries mean that Israel is uniquely situated to become a pivotal global leader regardless of who wins this year’s American election or even if Bibi remains the Prime Minister.

Israel and India’s growing military and economic relationship is fast become the lynchpin to all of the above. Will the road without real American support and China’s direct overture to Iran be bumpy – of course. Yet, the relationships that have been built offer a real way to handle the transitionary flux towards a far different world order.

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