Black Woman Stopped from Destroying Black Lives Matter Graffiti

by Avi Abelow

This scene shows the absurdity of today’s political reality for all to see.

This is Beverly Beatty, a black lady who supports the police! She is against black Lives Matter which wants to defund the police. She wants to “refund” the defunded New York City police, to keep New Yorkers safe! 

To show her appreciation for the police, she is trying to get rid of the horrendous black lives matter graffiti painted on fifth avenue in Manhattan.

She is screaming “We’re not standing for Black Lives Matter! We want our police,” as she then dumps black paint across the yellow graffiti. “Refund the police!” She screams.

What’s the absurdity? The New York city police are stopping her! 

Why? Because this black lives matter graffiti was commissioned by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to show his support for the black Lives Matter movement! He doesn’t want it erased! He stands for defunding the police.

Again, to some up this absurd reality…in this video we see a black woman who wants a strong NYC police force so that New Yorkers can be protected. 

Yet, it is NYC police officers stopping her, under orders of the Mayor of New York who is responsible for defunding the NYC police department and for that black lives matter graffiti.

Crazy times. But, the future is up to people like this woman who won’t be silent! 

We need people in every country to stand up for truth and sanity. The future is up to us!

Beverly Beatty Viral Video on Black Lives Matter

Beverly is extremely outspoken against black lives matter, and doesn’t understand how white people support it.

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